Robert Powell: Tree Pictures, South-Western Australia

Bullich (Eucalyptus megacarpa)

Bullich grows in in the south-west corner of Western Australia, in scattered spots from Perth round to Albany. It is uncommon in the Perth Metropolitan Region, where it is confined to the Darling Range, and concentrated in the south.

It is a tree of moist environments, and in the Darling Range occurs in swampy depressions. In the southern part of its range it is often found on moist sites on hills, where there is runoff from granite slopes or boulders.

Another name for bullich is ‘swamp karri’. Although not closely related to karri, and not especially tall (normally less than 25 m), it has smooth bark coloured rather like karri’s.  Bullich is like karri also in its erect, open habit, its foliage concentrated into tight clumps.

© Text and photographs: Robert Powell